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Our Goals

  • Further the recognition and credibility of traditional healing and health practices
  • Promote the understanding, acceptance and integration of healing modalities in all cultures
  • Support healers in the facilitation of healing, including self healing, traditional healing and health practices
  • Be a resource for information on the process and effects of traditional healing and health practices
  • Encourage cooperation among healing practitioners and organizations
  • Promote a forum for open and respectful exploration of healing in its personal, transpersonal, and spiritual dimensions
  • Explore moral, ethical and jurisprudential issues of traditional healing and health practices
  • Explore other options to further the mission of SANTHA

Why do we exist?:

Allopathic medicine, although materially oriented, is the primary socially sanctioned approach to helping people address their health and wellbeing in South Africa. Other approaches to helping people have always been in the background, ranging from religious practices to grandmother’s home remedies. Unfortunately, for centuries there has been suppression of alternative practices ranging from witch burning to the suppression of Chiropractic by the allopathic medical industry.

Led largely by increased public interest, there has been a growing investment in the use of complementary therapies from Africa. To assure the provision of high standards of care, the Council is working to develop common standards of practice and ethics in members that could also serve as a model for other healing practitioners.

The South African National Traditional Healers Association will offer education, guidance and wisdom to those seeking traditional healing and health practices or working in the field.

What do we do?:

Education Training and Practice:

We are developing a set of common denominators for standards for practice and ethics. We are also engaging in ongoing education of traditional healers and herbalism in South Africa.

Cross Discipline Collaboration:

Meetings with representatives of diverse healing modalities (not yet members of SANTHA) are planned for cross fertilisation of techniques and training, to enhance the capacities of healers and training generally.


Many SANTHA members are involved in conducting research and in the compilation and promotion of awareness of research that has already been done. Research assures us that the treatments we offer/seek actually provide what they claim to do. We have a Research Advisory Board to provide expert consultation in design, methodology, and exploring what research questions need to be addressed.

It is recognised that research in the field of natural healing is in its infancy. Often, research results will create more questions than answers. We view research as critical, because the tools of systematic examination can demonstrate where and how healing is effective or not, reduce error, and open new approaches. Research can facilitate the acceptance of healing and its integration with conventional practice.

Given that scientific research has largely been applied to physical phenomena, new and innovative ways to research the often intangible world of healing must be explored and developed.


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